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Xixun Brief Manual

XIXUN Brief Manual, LED Control System, XIXUN system configuration, LED control software


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1. System Topology

1.1 Hardware connection

Hardware connection is illustrated with the image 1-1 below:


① Connecting control card with HUB by flat cable firmly;
② Connecting HUB J1 port with input port of LED screen by flat cable; 
③ Accessing to power line and network; 
④ After the control card is connected power, all the indicator lights (power, network and working )are to turn on and the working light is twinkling, which means that the control card is operating normally.


1.2 Computer and Control card connection

Connecting computer with led screen by internet cable, as follows 1-2.


2. Operating Environment and software installation


2.1  Operating Environment

Operating system: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese or English WINDOWS XP,Vista.
Hardware Configuration: CPU:Pentium 600MHz or above; ROM: 512M; Graphics card: Standard VGA 256 mode or above.
Related Software: Microsoft Media Player – compulsory.


2.2 Software installation –LED set2.0 and Led editor

2.2.1 "LED Editor"software

Firstly put the "LED Editor" installation CD into the CD-ROM, then the Installation menu will automatically pop up, (If not, please select this CD-ROM and double-click it).Secondly, as Figure2-2 shows, select “LED Editor_Setup.exe” and operate the software installation as the installation guide.

After "LED Editor"software has been successfully installed, there will be a "LED Editor" short-cut on your desktop, and users can start the program by double click on the icon.


2.2.2  "LED set2.0"software

The software has been set before shipment by us, so no details are available here. As to he installation procedure,please refers to that of software <Led Editor>


3. Special Notes and Computer Parameter Setup


3.1 Set up computer's IP address

If LED Set2.0 can automatically detect the IP address, this step can be ignored. If not, manual setup is needed. Specific steps are as follows: Right click “Network Neighborhood”, choose “Properties”, open “Network Connection”, then right click “Local Connection” and choose “Properties”(see Image 3-1 below)


Please set up IP according to the notes in image 3-1, then click on"Property"button, a dialogue box will appear, as shown in image 3-2

After finishing all the settings, please click “ok” .Note the setting of IP address is subject to


3.2 Check LED Screen IP address in <LED Editor>

Click”Help” button in the menu bar of the <<LED Editor>> software, then choose “Auto check LED sign IP” in the list to bring out a dialogue box. , as shown in Image3-3 and Image 3-4 below. And you can view the LED screen IP address in Image 3-4.








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