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Dbstar System Manual

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  1. Synchronization system topology


2. Computer selection and installation steps


Host: 1 PCS empty PCI slot, 1/pcs available USB interface.
Hard disk: Greater than 100M free space after installing operating system.
RAM: Above 64M.
CPU: Above Pentium 300MHZ.
Video card: Above standard VG256 display mode.
Software environment: windows 95/ 98 / NT / 2000 / XP / VISTA
Micrsoft media player must be installation.
Office2000 — If you need to display word, then must be install.
Real player — If you need to display document, then must be install.

● To sum up, the common computers are usually ok for use.


2.1 Installation of video card and controlling card

a. Shut off the power, pull up the plug, open the chassis.
b. Insert the video card into the VGA rabbet.
c. Insert the controlling card into the PCI rabbet, as shown in the picture below:

3. Special notes


3.1  Pull up the net cable and electrify the LED screen. If the screen is blank after all the connections, we can judge the connection is normal .Contrarily, if light spots or light lines appear, we can judge the system connection is abnormal.

3.2  Please choose the net cable from regular manufactures, or it is to affect transmission distance.


4. PC parameter settings

Some points to be noted during setting process


Sending card setting:

● When you set the items under “position of picture”, you should choose according to display resolution.
● “Schedule” button means running corresponding operation within a specified time.


Receiving card setting:

● The refresh frequency's setting, as the situation below:
Photograph by the camera is non-flickering: above 600Hz.
Dual color display: 60-75Hz.
To full color screens, general-use effect for indoor is 180-600Hz and for outdoor is 300-1200Hz.
● Gray level setting:
Dual color 256, full color indoor 4096, outdoor 16384 will be ok.
● The selection of LED driver chip:
The chips supported by DBT-Q2007 receiving card: MBI5026, MBI5024, Tb62726, Tb595, MBI5027 etc.

The chips supported by DBT-Q2009 receiving card: MBI5026、BI5024、TB62726、TB595、MBI5030、MBI5036、MBI5039、MBI5042MBI6030、MBI6020、DM413、LPD6803


5. Simple software operating procedure


Double-click the icon XMplayer and enter the software operating interface after installing the software.

The process of programme production

The first step: setting the size of play window.

The play window size must be set right, or when you broadcast the program, it will just show the program partially.


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