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Do You Know How To Solve These P10 Outdoor SMD LED Module Failures B?

Mar. 08, 2019

1, the entire box does not display

Fault reason: 220V power supply line is not connected; there is a problem with network cable transmission; the receiving card is damaged; the HUB board is misplaced.

Troubleshooting method: Check the power supply line; confirm the replacement of the network cable; replace the receiving card; re-insert the HUB.

2, the whole P10 Outdoor SMD LED Module spends, shadows and movements

The cause of the fault: The driver loading program is incorrect; the network cable of the computer and the screen is too long or the quality is not good; the sending card is bad.

Troubleshooting: Re-load the receiving card file; reduce the length of the cable or replace it; replace the sending card.

3, the entire VMS LED Sign Board shows the same content for each display unit

Cause: The display connection file was not sent.

Troubleshooting method: Reset the send screen file, and connect the network cable of the computer connected to the output port of the sending card close to the indicator light when sending.

4, the display brightness is very low, the display image is blurred

Cause: The card program error occurred; the function card settings are incorrect.

Troubleshooting method: Restore the default settings of the sending card and save it; set the display monitor to have a minimum brightness value of 80 or higher.

5, the whole screen screen shaking or ghosting

Cause: Check the communication line between the computer and the large screen; check the DVI line of the multimedia card and the sending card; the sending card is bad.

Troubleshooting method: Re-plug or replace the communication line; punch the DVI line to reinforce; replace the sending card.

P10 Outdoor SMD LED Module

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