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VMS LED Sign Board Will Usher In Greater Development Opportunities

Jul. 30, 2018

With the maturity of vms led sign boarddisplay technology in China, LED display system, as an important display terminal of information system, has played an increasingly important role in urban construction, smart security, video conferencing, aerospace and high-end commercial display. The LED industry has seen a significant recovery momentum in the near future. The major manufacturers in the industry are in a state of full production, and there is a certain shortage of supply in the short-term. There is also a general demand for price increases in the industrial chain. The industry expects that the supply and demand situation will be tight in the second and third quarters.

The supply and demand tension in the outdoor SMD video led display manufacturer is mainly related to two factors. First, the downstream demand continues to grow, especially the explosive growth of daily consumer goods such as lighting. Second, the industry itself has not expanded its production for many years. Under the huge business opportunities, domestic small-pitch LED display companies have increased technology research and development and continued to expand production capacity. The small pitch products are positioned in the high-end application market, and the product prices are high and profitable. With technical support, the small-pitch LED display combined with bare smart applications, cloud platform control, naked-eye 3D, VR and other technologies, the display effect is more creative, attracting many users, driving LED small-pitch display products to a larger market.

VMS LED Sign Board

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