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The Future Application Of VMS LED Sign Board Will Become More And More Humanized

Dec. 21, 2018

First, the technology of VMS LED Sign Board has a high gold content: small spacing, as the name suggests, is a small spacing. From the principle of LED self-luminous display, the smaller the dot pitch, the greater the density of the image display unit, and the displayed The image is clearer, which is why it can beat the traditional display, which is an iterative upgrade of the product.

Second, the small-pitch products are moderately priced to stimulate market demand: As a high-tech new product, the competition in the small-pitch led display market is extremely fierce. However, under the fierce market competition, price is often the most representative factor of competition. Under the background of technological progress and market expansion, the cost will continue to decline, and the price of products will also drop. This is an inevitable trend. It is also a stage that all new things must pass.

Third, the application of P8 Outdoor SMD LED Module will become more and more human in the future: If the current development momentum, the future development of small spacing will not be limited to the display screen, it may take the Internet, the Internet of Things express, become the carrier of the Internet. Since small-pitch products have the advantage of seamless splicing, the size of the product is no longer limited, so the possibility of people interacting with the screen is greater, once this interaction is reached, and when the interaction becomes more frequent The closer the distance between people, the new way of communication may be born. Therefore, the application of small pitch will become more and more humanized in the future.

VMS LED Sign Board

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