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P5 Outdoor SMD LED Module Light Source Unit Explains

Nov. 23, 2018

P5 Outdoor SMD LED Module light source unit candela, cd. The luminous flux emitted by the light source in a unit solid angle in a given direction is defined as the light intensity (degree) of the light source in that direction, the luminous intensity is for the point source, or the size of the illuminant is compared with the illumination distance. Small occasions. This amount is indicative of the ability of the illuminator to converge in space. It can be said that the luminous intensity describes how much the light source is "bright" because it is a common description of the optical power and convergence ability. The greater the luminous intensity, the brighter the light source appears, and the brighter the object is illuminated by the light source under the same conditions. Therefore, this parameter was used earlier for the description of the flashlight.

Now the display from Outdoor SMD Video Led Display Supplier is also described by this unit. For example, an LED is 15000, the unit is mcd, 1000mcd=1cd, so 15000mcd is 15cd. The reason why the LED is expressed in millicd (mcd) instead of cd is because the earliest LED is relatively dark. For example, the standard 5mm LED in 1984 has a luminous intensity of 0.005cd, so it is represented by mcd.

The disadvantage of using "luminance" to indicate "brightness" is that if the two LEDs have exactly the same die, the degree of convergence is good. Therefore, users should not only pay attention to the high I value when purchasing LEDs, but also the angle of illumination. Many high-value LEDs are not achieved by improving their own emission efficiency, but by narrowing the lens's longer illumination angle. Although useful for LED flashlights, the observable angle is also limited. In addition, the same die LED, the I value of 5mm in diameter is more than double the size of 3mm, but only 1/4 of the diameter of 10mm, because the larger the lens, the better the convergence characteristics.

P5 Outdoor SMD LED Module

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