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p3.91mm Indoor Rental Led Display Has Many Advantages In Application Of Restaurant

Jan. 10, 2019

In general, the p3.91mm Indoor Rental Led Display products are mainly based on LCD screens and LED displays. Its function is to display the price of the day, new dishes, service information, holiday greetings, etc. Of course, the screen can also play some novel content to attract past pedestrians to eat at the restaurant.

There are more people in the vicinity of the restaurant, and the focus of the store owner is on the customer's entry rate and consumption amount. So how to better attract consumers into the store? A good propaganda tool medium is very important, and transparent LED glass screen is one of them. Generally speaking, the store can use the transparent P7.625 SMD Indoor LED Display in the glass window of the store, hang it in the middle hall or make the partition effect. The transparent screen is not only a novel advertising media tool, but also can play the vivid color and transparent dream video. Text information attracts customers to enter the store, and can also play a very good store decoration function. The light, thin and fashionable transparent screen will not affect the indoor lighting and viewing line of sight, creating a comfortable dining environment for customers. In addition, the store can also play some videos and images about diligence and saving on the transparent screen, reduce waste, improve the dining quality of customers, and play a big role in advocating civilized dining.

Restaurant LED transparent electronic screen This kind of media not only combines modern advanced technology equipment, but also has great breakthroughs in green environmental protection. LED transparent screen has high transparency and vivid color, and dynamic picture and text information can be displayed in both directions. Not only does the screen size require a large screen size, but the wide viewing angle is also very powerful, which can fully attract customers' attention.

p3.91mm Indoor Rental Led Display

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