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Common Faults And Solutions Of P3 Indoor Smd Led Module

Oct. 23, 2018

1. When switching the P3 Indoor Smd Led Module, there is interference on the screen.

Generally speaking, this phenomenon is caused by the signal interference of the display card, which is a normal phenomenon, and the user can solve the problem by automatically or manually adjusting the phase.

2. The black spot of the thumb size appears on the Indoor Rental Led Display.

Most of this phenomenon is due to the extrusion of external forces. Under the pressure of external force, the polarizing plate in the liquid crystal panel will be deformed. The polarizing plate is like aluminum foil. It will not bounce itself when it is recessed. This causes the difference of the liquid crystal panel when it is reflected, and there will be a dark part. Part of it is easy to find under the white screen, the general size is more than ten square millimeters, which is the size of the thumb. Although this phenomenon does not affect the life of the LCD screen, it will still affect the overall aesthetics, so users should pay more attention, do not press the LCD screen with your fingers.

P3 Indoor Smd Led Module

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