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Advantage Of P2.5 SMD Indoor LED Display

Aug. 08, 2018

The P2.5 smd indoor led displaycan display all aspects of the product in a multi-faceted manner. The display of the details is more perfect to show the difference of the products. The installation of the indoor LED display in the store can improve the grade. The indoor LED display has the function of lighting, which can play a new role. It can be used to play corporate product information, relevant knowledge in the product industry, and play a role in popularizing awareness and thinking. In the promotion or recruitment information release, the function of the bulletin board. Through the display screen, you can play the welcome words and the festive celebration words to render the atmosphere. The advantage of the Indoor led display module is a brightness adjustment system that can be automatically adjusted by the system. The indoor LED display can reduce the playback brightness of the LED display to 60% of the ambient brightness according to the brightness of the environment at different times and places, thereby avoiding light pollution. Multi-level grayscale correction technology, the popular indoor LED display in the control system, using 14bit color display level. Allowing the color to be properly refracted at the display level, thereby reducing the color hardness, so that people do not feel the color hard when viewing the LED display, enjoy a softer picture, and avoid the discomfort of the viewer.

P2.5 SMD Indoor LED Display

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