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How To Improve Clarity Of P2.5 SMD Indoor led Display

Aug. 24, 2018

1, reduce the point spacing

Reducing the dot pitch can improve the sharpness of the P2.5 smd indoor led display, because the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixel density of the LED display, and the more detailed the display can be.

2, improve the contrast

Contrast is one of the most important factors affecting the display. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer the image and the more vivid the color. High contrast is very helpful for the sharpness, detail, and gray level of the image.

3, improve the gray level

The gray level of the LED screen is from dark to black in the brightness of the single primary color, which can distinguish the brightness level very well. The higher the gray level of the full color screen, the richer the color and the more vivid the color;

4, combined with the video processor

The LED screen combined with the video processor from Indoor LED Display Module Factory can repair signals with poor image quality, enhance the image display details, and improve the quality of the display screen. The video processor image scaling process is used to ensure the video image is improved, and the image clarity and gray level are maintained to the utmost extent. In addition, the video processor has rich image adjustment options and adjustment effects, which can well image brightness and Contrast, the best guarantee for the soft high refresh of the LED display output.

P2.5 SMD Indoor led Display

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