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Important Components Of Outdoor SMD Video Led Display

Oct. 25, 2018

1. Power monitoring: In order to reduce the impact on the power grid when the high-power display starts, the Outdoor SMD Video Led Display power supply is powered on in a few steps, and the power-on status of each power supply is in the fault alarm status box on the PLC control interface. Alarm indicator.

2, PLC control power supply system: For the P3.91 SMD Outdoor Led Display with more than 10KW power consumption, should be equipped with power distribution cabinet. According to the need, you can choose the power distribution cabinet with remote control function or PLC control function. The power distribution cabinet with PLC control function is more intelligent. The LCD controller can be used to remotely operate the LED display and the switch of the air conditioner and fan in the screen. Real-time monitoring of the ambient temperature, fire, and ambient brightness outside the screen, and corresponding alarm information. It is recommended that in the outdoor screen project, generally because of the poor environment, try to use the power distribution cabinet with PLC control; in the indoor LED display project, the environment is better, and the space is limited, without PLC control.

Outdoor SMD Video Led Display

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