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Several Aspects Of Outdoor SMD Video Led Display Security

Oct. 16, 2018

1. Power switch: Be sure to select the power switch that can meet the required power rating of the actual use, to avoid the actual use of the load exceeding the rated power of the switching power supply, resulting in excessive power switch load, causing the power switch to burn out, causing fire.

2. Outdoor SMD Video Led Display selection: Do not think that the pursuit of high-brightness effect, easy to lead to device aging, reduce the service life, and easy to age and fire.

3. Kit: Whether the material passes the fire retardant requirements of the (UL94V0) standard.

4. Whether the wire is an international wire, whether it passes the fireproof and flame retardant requirements of the (IEC60332) standard, whether the wire core size has sufficient margin in actual use.

5. Power supply line: Understand whether the power supply distribution of the Outdoor Rental Led Display is balanced in the DC power supply line, multi-channel output of the AC power supply line, whether the output power is balanced every day, and reduce the probability of fire caused by the line.

6. Key components: Whether the temperature of key components of heat generation can be maintained at a reasonable level during long-term use.

Outdoor SMD Video Led Display

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