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Led Display Control Section Notes

Jun. 11, 2018

LED display is a flat panel display consisting of a small LED module panel. P8 SMD Outdoor Led Display control section notes:

1. The power line of the computer and the control part is zero, and the fire cannot be reversed. It should be plugged in according to the original position. If there are peripherals, after the connection is complete, test whether the chassis is powered.

2. When controlling equipment such as a mobile computer, check the connection line and the control panel for looseness before powering on.

3. Do not arbitrarily change the position and length of communication lines and flat connection lines.

4. If abnormalities such as short-circuit, tripping, burning, and smoking are found after moving, the power-on test should not be repeated, and the problem should be promptly searched.

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Led Display Control Section Notes

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