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Benefits of indoor led video wall

Apr. 11, 2018

Indoor led video wall has been around for quite a couple of years. But, it has only been recently that fine-pitch indoor-viewing LED panels have become more affordable. Outside SMD Video Led Displays are familiar to everyone -- many have observed them as electronic billboards, very large stadium play displays, and those really large video displays in Times Square and the Las Vegas strip. But that is not what we're referring to here but they're related. The outside direct-view LED screens are bright, vibrant, and have great contrast, but if you get close to one, they're very pixelated and annoying. That is because the outdoor direct-view LEDs are made to be seen only from an area, like 75′, 100′ or 200′ or more. But instead of talking about those, we're speaking about fine-pitch (a pitch of 3mm or smaller) direct-view LED displays .

Advantages of indoor led video wall:

1. Fantastic contrast which far exceeds the top LCD technology

2. Intense brightness that surpasses even the cleverest LCD screens

3. No observable bands or bezel borders in the image -- just full clear pictures

4. Long life -- typically 70,000 hours to half brightness

5. Offered in 3 mm to less than 1mm -- for Just about Any indoor viewing application

6. New LED panel display dimensions, of up to 54″, simplify large video display projects

7. New generation and volume manufacturer of LEDs has made this technology aggressive with some movie wall projects beginning this season.

Our hot products include P1.667 smd indoor led display, P1.875 smd indoor led display, P1.923 smd indoor led display, P2 smd indoor led display and P2.5 smd indoor led display. Looking forward to your orders!

P2 smd indoor led display

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