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Why choose the indoor led display module?

Jul. 02, 2018

1. Structure and applications of indoor led display module: Adopting frame structure, dismantling and assembling conveniently, reliably, and maintaining easily. Indoor led display module is applicable to various large occasions of entertainment and activities to activate your stage really. Indoor led display module using 2R1G1B encapsulation, arranging them orderly, distributing them equally in unit module to compose display.

2. Features of indoor led display module: Perfect uniformly and excellent luminance consistency, using real pixel,superior visual effects. It can display by many media tools such as TV, DVD and cartoon. Computer and at the same time, indoor led display module has many editing functions such as the manual and automatic adjustment of luminance and the picture division,etc.

3. Superiorities of indoor led display module: The colors are more vividly and brightly. The deviation range of wavelength +/-2.5 nm and luminance+/-10%can be guaranteed.

High stability(not trembling, glittering and insertion components loosening and so on). The whole procedures supervisor: from materials, finished products, and R&D to production can be fully controlled, meanwhile, the technology is perfect and service the service is excellent. Therefore, the quality of the product is naturally superior. If you need indoor led display modules such as P2.5 indoor smd led module or P3 indoor smd led module, please feel free to contact us.

Why choose the indoor led display module?

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